How to build a modern, scalable data platform to power your analytics and data science projects.

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The Platform


Data Warehouse





You know how the saying goes — “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”

This is a tough metaphor for me to use as a proud cat parent, but the sentiment has never been more accurate when it comes to data in the 21st century.

While it’s true that you can solve most of your data problems with a spreadsheet, a python script or a terminal command, problems emerge quickly as you start to consider scale, speed and consistency…

Automating Sports Analytics with Data Science

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The Pipeline





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Automate everything until only the fun stuff is left.

This is a quote that guides me in almost everything I do. I’m not sure if it is an original thought or something I heard along the way … but after a 15 minute unsuccessful Google search, I‘m happy to claim ownership.

What follows is an application of data process automation specific to NFL handicapping, but as many will notice the solution here is applicable to many situations.

In my situation…

In this walkthrough, we are going to use historical data provided by to create a model to predict high scoring NFL teams.

We’re going to skip a lot of the boring stuff in an effort to get results quickly. If you’re interested in all the gory details, the full Jupyter Notebook is available here.

So let’s start by getting our hands on some data. I’ve been using for years and that’s what we’ll be using for this example. …

an attempt to predict NFL Week 1 Winners

If you’re anything like me, you’re excited football is back. If you’re also like me, you were sorely disappointed by the first game of the NFL’s centennial season, as the Packers beat the Bears at home in a riveting 10–3 game.

It was obviously apparent that the rules and restrictions limiting the amount of time players can practice before the season has left teams ill-prepared once they reach the regular season. While the anecdotal evidence was in full display on the field, the nerd in me wanted to see if I could…

I do math for a living, so it might seem counterintuitive that I enjoy gambling. However, understanding that variance is a critical variable in the gambler’s equation, I also have more hope than average, because I know that in any single moment I can catch the wave of variance and cash in.

There is no game in the casino that embodies variance better than craps. I say variance because, statistically, the odds of rolling each number are already known. Even with this knowledge, most players win by putting their money on variance, not statistically backed facts. So does that make…

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The Full Data Stack! Data Engineer, Data Architect, Data Scientist ++ practical application of data science 🛠

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